To obtain the maximum benefit from an in-ear or in-canal style hearing aid, in-ear musician monitor or in-ear hearing protection, you’ll need a custom fitted earmold. The shape of your outer ear and ear canal are unique to you just like a finger print. That’s why it’s important when you get anything designed to work with your ear to have a custom earmold made so it’s a perfect fit to you.

Earmolds are typically used for one of two reasons:

  • To keep things out (such as noise and water).
  • To keep things in (amplified sound from a hearing aid or in-ear monitor).

Earmolds are generally used for the following activities or reasons:

  • In-Ear Monitors for listing to music or performing musicians
  • Hearing Protection from loud noise activities such as hunting, construction or industrial working environments, music concerts, or engines.
  • Ear Protection from physical objects such as water when swimming or showering