At Hoover Hearing Clinic our goal is to help you hear well and improve your communication! We go above and beyond a hearing evaluation with what we call a Functional Communication Consult (FCC) that will lead to your Individualized Hearing Healthcare Plan (IHHP).

The FCC is an appointment that includes objective and subjective measures that will assess residual auditory function that are not assessed during your hearing evaluation. This leads to our audiologists constructing an IHHP that may include the following: education and counseling, communication strategies, and amplification.

While amplification is designed to provide access to acoustic information, communication is the ultimate objective for our patients, which we know isn’t just focused on hearing, but also on listening skills and processing of speech. Amplification isn’t always hearing aids, but can be a rehabilitation component of the IHHP. All of this will be assessed at your FCC appointment. At the time of the FCC, we may offer a quick demonstration of amplification.